Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce
The original recipe created in 2007 in my kitchen. After two long years of trying to perfect the sauce it has reached that perfection. The sauce gives you a sweet beginning that you will savor followed slowly by a peppery heat in the back of your throat that addicts you right away to this sauce. Great on chicken, ribs or any other type of pork. Also great to pour onto a burger with some peper jack cheese. Sweet Heat won 2nd place in the 2009 annual Sonoma Ox Roasts Sauce Your Ox Competition and it won first place in 2010. Visit us at harrisbbqsauce.com for more information on our sauce and ordering information.

Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

Monday, June 8, 2009

Harris BBQ Sauce

Harris BBQ Sauce was created to provide people with real bbq sauce for bbq enthusiasts like myself. I started making bbq sauce about two years ago. I started noticing that the store bought stuff just didn't cut it for me. Sure it got the job done but I just felt like there was something missing from it all...love. I know, there are people out there that will read this and think, "Love? What kind of sissy bbq guy is this?" But I tell you this, when you eat bbq that has been made with love you eat bbq that is the best ever. I put love in my bbq sauce with every batch. Love and passion for what I do make my sauce the best.

I have many different flavors of sauce out there to fit everyone's taste buds. My award winning sauce is my 'Sweet Heat' sauce. It took second place in the 2009 annual Sonoma Ox Roast's Sauce Your Ox Competition and first place in 2010. It has a great sweet taste to get your taste buds started and a kick that you will feel in the back of your throat that will make your taste buds want more.

Other sauces that I carry are:
'Tropical Paradise'*
'It's the Plum Way'*
"Mango Dreams'*
'Orange Passion'
*indicates available when fruit in season.

All of my sauces have a perfect consistancy and will hold to your food like glue when cooking. They are not watered down or souped up with vinegar. They are all tomato based sauces like most West Coast bbq sauces are.

If you love bbq and are tired of the same old boring sauces that you get in the stores than I may have just what you need to get your friends at your next bbq bowing down to you and calling you then bbq God. You will be the hit of your next block party and everyone will be coming back to you for more.

I also do dry rubs for poultry, chicken, beef, and pork. My dry rubs are a great companion to any of the sauces that I make. They give your meat that extra bit of flavor and they give your ribs and beef that great bark that all good bbq and smoked meat has. Make sure to get a batch of dry rub along with your sauce.

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BBQ Sauce Competition

BBQ Sauce Competition