Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce
The original recipe created in 2007 in my kitchen. After two long years of trying to perfect the sauce it has reached that perfection. The sauce gives you a sweet beginning that you will savor followed slowly by a peppery heat in the back of your throat that addicts you right away to this sauce. Great on chicken, ribs or any other type of pork. Also great to pour onto a burger with some peper jack cheese. Sweet Heat won 2nd place in the 2009 annual Sonoma Ox Roasts Sauce Your Ox Competition and it won first place in 2010. Visit us at harrisbbqsauce.com for more information on our sauce and ordering information.

Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dan's BBQ'd Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

Dan's BBQ'd Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

This recipe works best with my pork dry rub and my Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce but if you can't have that you can use whatever you can get.

2 racks of baby back pork loin ribs
generous amount of my pork dry rub
1/2 cup Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce
1 dark beer (Guinness works great)

For the grill
charcoal briquettes
hickory, oak, or apple wood smoker chips (or any other soft wood)
Aluminum tray
Aluminum foil (heavy duty)

Grilling instructions
Start out with the dry rub. Apply the dry rub to the ribs generously and on both sides. Rub it all over, you don't want to apply to little but also don't want too much. You should be able to still see the pink of the ribs underneath the rub. It's best if you have the time to wrap the ribs up in some plastic wrap and store away in the fridge for at least 2 hours. This will give you the maximum flavor and allow for a better bark on the rib after grilling. This gives the rub a chance to extract some of the juices to the surface of the ribs to give that nice bark effect on the rib. If you are in a rush though and don't have two hours to spare not to worry. Just go ahead and get ready to start grilling, they will still taste great and still have a nice bark on them.

Next thing to do is get the charcoal ready. Please don't use starter fluid on the charcoal! Get a chimney! No one wants to to taste lighter fluid on their food and that is just what this stuff does. The vapors from it are still burning off throughout the cooking process. So go out and spend the few bucks on a chimney, it takes a little longer for the charcoal to be ready but it is well worth it. While the charcoal is starting up get your wood chips soaking. You are going to want about 3 cups of chips. This should give them plenty of time to soak well enough to not go up in flames when put on the charcoal. Once the charcoal is gray and ready pour it into a nice pile on one side of the grill. You want to leave the other side empty as this is where you will place the aluminum tray. Now put your tray in that empty area and add too the tray about an inch or so of water. This will allow the ribs to hold in some moisture. Don't go throwing those ribs on yet! We need that grill at about 250 degrees. Right now it is way too hot so unless you want nice burnt out ribs just hold off a few more minutes. You will want to keep the grill at 250 degrees throughout cooking. This gives the ribs a nice slow cook that gives them the best chance to be moist and tender. Once at 250 degrees add the wood chips on top of the charcoal and put down the ribs meat side up. You will be putting one on each side, one over the fire and the other over the tray. Cover the grill and let it be. Don't keep opening up and looking as you will just loose the heat. Don't worry, the ribs won't burn.

After about an hour go out and trade places with the ribs. Put the one that is over the fire over the tray and vise versa. It is also time for more wood chips. Place the rest of your wood chips on the charcoal. Cover the grill back up and let it be. After another hour it will be time for the boat trays. You will need your aluminum foil now. Make them long enough to fit the ribs and make sure the sides are high enough so the beer and juices stay in the boat. Once made place in the bbq and put the ribs in each one. Pour an equal amount of beer into each boat cover again and let it be.

After about another hour it's time for sauce. Ditch the boats at this time and flip the ribs meat side down. Slather on that Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce on the bone side. Cover up again and leave alone for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes flip the ribs over meat side up and slather more sauce on them. Cover again for another 15 minutes. Before removing put more sauce on the ribs. Let them sit for a good 10-15 minutes before cutting into them. This will give the juices time to set into the meat.

If cooked correctly the ribs should have a nice bark on the outside and there should be a nice pink smoke ring on the inside. The meat shouldn't just fall right off the bone. It is a misconception that a perfectly cooked rib just falls off the bone. It should be tender and should come off the bone easily but not just fall off the bone. If the meat is falling off the bone it usually means that the ribs have been boiled or steamed (yuck!). The pink ring also is a good thing. Don't think that the ribs aren't cooked all the way. The pink ring is from the smoke and is the sign of a greatly grilled rib. If you have that ring you have done something right.

If all is done correctly then your friends will be thanking the bbq Gods for blessing you with the gift of bbq. Don't be surprised if your neighborhood shows up at your door from the heavenly smell throughout the neighborhood air. ENJOY!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think on this recipe. There will be more recipe's to come so check back often.

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